About Me

Hi, my name's Owen

I'm an enthusiast. Of movies, plays, and videogames.

I'm also an observer. Of what? Of costumes.

I make costumes. I have been for almost ten years. Whether it's making cosplays of my favorite video game characters or coming up with my own slightly outlandish creations, nothing is off limits and everything is interesting to me.

So, why did I make this website?

I decided to make it for my final project in my computer course.

No, seriously!

What are my goals for all this?

While I still don't know what I want to do with my life, I have a feeling that costume making will always be an important interest in my life. Maybe I will try to become a costume designer for movies or Broadway musicals, maybe I will want to start my own freelance business. Who knows? I'll keep updating this until I figure it out.